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Johnson vs Corbyn: My View

Updated: Jul 19, 2020

The U.K. general election debate last night made me no more likely to vote #Labour because my philosophy remains that “smaller government is better”. But it did make me slightly less likely to vote #Conservative as #BorisJohnson was overly verbose and blew a lot of hot air. I can see why he suffers from a perception of back-peddling, selective memory and not always telling the truth. He has certainly earned that reputation, and it was on full display during last night's debate. I think that #Corbyn showed better than Johnson. This election is going to be a tough call, and it will likely be determined by the one issue the Conservative party is going on and on about - a vote Conservative is a vote to get #BREXIT done quickly and move forward on other agenda items important for the country. I can see the appeal of this focus for the Conservative Party and their supports, as the country is undoubtedly suffering from “BREXIT fatigue.” Let’s see how the next two (more inclusive) debates pan out.

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