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My view on what's going on in the financial markets and the global economy, and a few other things that might interest me from time to time.

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Please read this - it is the important stuff!

In my blog, I will write about general macroeconomic events, geopolitics (occasionally) and finance topics of general interest.  Occasionally, I will discuss specific stocks, bonds or other securities.  However, please note that the posts represent only my views and opinions on certain topics of interest to me, and I am sharing these for informational purposes only.  They should in no way be construed as a solicitation, or as an offer or advice to buy or sell financial instruments.  I am not a professional investor or licensed investment advisor, and I am therefore not providing financial advice or recommendations.  You should not view the information contained in my blog posts or follow-on comments as investment recommendations.  If you are unsure of any investment decision, you should seek a professional financial advisor as I am not a registered investment adviser.  For the avoidance of doubt, is not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

I make no guarantees that information on this site will be accurate, and it is subject to change without warning. The data I use to support my views is obtained from public information and sources considered reliable. Generally, I will aim to disclose if I own a particular security I am discussing.  When I do so, this information is accurate only as of the date of the blog post, and this information is not updated thereafter.  

The accuracy of information contained in my blog posts cannot be guaranteed. Therefore, no information on this website should be relied upon in any way.  

As the writer, I accept no responsibility or liability whatsoever for any loss arising from any use of the information on this website or otherwise arising in connection therewith. 

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