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My view on what's going on in the financial markets and the global economy, and a few other things that might interest me from time to time.

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Thanks (and Follow Me on Twitter Too)

Updated: Jul 19, 2020

On a very quiet Sunday morning, I want to thank you for your support by subscribing to my blog. I welcome your comments on my blog posts directly to my blog (as opposed to - or alongside - on LinkedIn, if that's your preferred medium), and I will never be insulted because I realise you might have important perspective to share (please do!) or just might see things another way. Also, I very much appreciate the private emails that I receive from readers from time to time, giving me direction and / or responding to my posts. It encourages me that folks are reading my content in a world inundated by bloggers.

You might also want to check me out on Twitter under, where I am starting to more frequently share concise sound bytes on the global economy, finance, businesses, and (occasionally) politics.

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